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Conversations That Matter Podcast: Responding to Christian Homosexuality Part 1

Responding to Christian Homosexuality Part 1

Thank you to Jon Harris at Conversations That Matter podcast, from www.WorldViewConversation.com, for the interview.

There’s a lot of talk in Christian circles today about whether or not same-sex attraction is sinful. Daren Mehl answers some questions about whether homosexuality is an orientation, if Christians are delivered from it, and what Churches should do in responding to the LGBTQI+ agenda.


https://www.portlandfellowship.com/resources/differingviews.pdf << “4 Columns” doctrines intersection of LGBTQ and Christianity

https://www.agapefirstministries.org/darenmehl  << Ministry to Churches, Families, Individuals

https://www.voiceofthevoiceless.info << Education & Advocacy for former LGBTQ, Families, and churches around this issue

https://darenmehlblog.com << Some tidbits I’ve written from my journey out of homosexuality, my daily prayers, covenant with my eyes, books I’ve read, testimonies, etc

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Former Homosexual Stephen Black Shares How His Ministry Helps Others Escape the Lifestyle

Stephen Black is the president of First Stone Ministries and the author of Freedom Realized. His experience gives valuable insight into the homosexual lifestyle, homosexual counseling ministries, and the “gay Christian” movement



Ex-gay father of 3 talks covenant with God, overcoming temptation | Living News

“New Jersey father of three Brian Wheelock will never forget the day he wrote his covenant with God. After 10 years of living a gay lifestyle, Wheelock put pen to paper, expressing his vow to put his love for Jesus before his earthly desires and temptations.”