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Our Voices Interview – Tyler Jornov

“Kobabe acknowledged that several of the book’s graphic images may not be appropriate for elementary school children. However, the author said the book’s frank accounts are “integral” to showing readers an experience growing up outside of cisgender and heterosexual norms, adding that “we need to reduce the shame” about sex among teenagers.”

Today, 39% of Gen Z identify as LGBTQ. This unfortunate statistic points to a cultural shift in schools away from honoring our Creator, creation (intelligent design), natural law, and respect for our bodies and marriage. Presently schools teach children to reject our Creator, that there are no moral limits for the use of our bodies as long as there is consent and pleasure. The culture in schools is one of pro-LGBTQ and ‘anything goes that pleases you’ hedonism.

In this episode of Our Voices, Voice of the Voiceless President Daren Mehl interviews Tyler Jornov who recently spoke in favor of banning a homosexually graphic book, Gender Queer, from his school in an attempt to bring forth the Biblical truth around faithfulness to our Creator and use of our bodies. Tyler brought forth the truth to speak life into the darkness, showing a strong compassion for his classmates, in spite of their attacks against him for doing so.

You can view Tyler’s school board comments here:

While the school board initially banned Gender Queer because of it’s graphic content at the behest of parents, a pro-LGBTQ student activist put together a petition to the school board to restore the book to the library shelves. It received over 1000 signatures. Unfortunately the pro-LGBTQ student body believe graphic examples of sodomy and fornication are necessary for the ‘education’ of children in schools. The indoctrination into sexular humanism has taken a hold of our schools.

“Kobabe acknowledged that several of the book’s graphic images may not be appropriate for elementary school children. However, the author said the book’s frank accounts are “integral” to showing readers an experience growing up outside of cisgender and heterosexual norms, adding that “we need to reduce the shame” about sex among teenagers.”

The petition quotes the author on how the book can be used to help promote sex among teens and be a resource to help them discover ‘who they are’. Sex among teens is particularly shameful for a community, and even worse a school, to promote. Licentiousness, having no moral or material limits, and lasciviousness, shameful sexual desires, is not a virtue to promote in the school. This continual grooming of children through the promotion of homosexual and transgender identities is likely one of the leading factors contributing to the 39% Gen Z identifying as LGBTQ.

Across the country, school administrators and teachers, librarians are increasingly and without shame teaching a religious belief to children that they ARE GAY (or TRANSGENDER). As there is evidence ontologically we are NOT born this way, and change is possible, it leads us to see that there is an ideological aspect to this culture being pushed on kids, not truth or science which is what schools should be focused on.

The push to end stigma associated with licentiousness and lasciviousness among teens is a moral pox on our community and incredibly harmful to our children. Homosexual and transgender identity and behaviors are harmful to children and should remain stigmatized. The cure is the hope of restoration of their identity and truths about how God created them.

Those who are righteous and know the truth need to stand up and protect the kids from this onslaught of debauchery in the classroom. We absolutely must not reduce the stigma associated with sex acts among teenagers nor allow groomers to normalize it. We need to teach them self-dignity and worth in honoring their bodies. We must teach them that sodomy is an unbecoming act and the homosexual lifestyle leads to more illness, physically and mentally.

The unbecoming and unnatural acts of homosexuality and the related false identity claims are not something to praise and promote in our schools. It is harmful to our children to promote or affirm such behaviors and abuses of one’s own body.

Tyler Jornov tells his story of engaging in the discussion at the school board, bearing the weight of criticism of his peers, and the challenges of standing in righteousness in a very dark moment. He also courageously discusses his own journey of questioning his own sexuality and the door that lead to experimenting with homosexuality and then the Lord’s work to bring him out of it. It was particularly unfortunate that a Christian leader affirmed homosexuality and pointed Tyler to Matthew Vines.


School LGBTQ Activists Petition to have Gender Queer graphic book restored

Voice of the Voiceless is a 501c3 non-profit organization amplifying the exLGBTQ voices and defending the testimony of that community in the public sphere. Please consider a donation to help our mission move forward.

Reclaim It Virtual Conference Segment 1

Our mission is to equip the Church to discern the narratives undergirding the LGBTQ culture and how to best help individuals who want to leave that identity behind to grow in an identity in Christ. Video recorded by Voice of the Voiceless with special guests Pastor Daryl Whiten, Full Proof Ministries, Emcee Tamara Scott, Nate Oyloe, Executive Director of Agape First Ministries, April Lockhart, Bonnie Gasper, Child Protection League, Walt Heyer,, Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director, American College of Pediatricians, Jon Uhler, LPC,, Dr. Judith Reisman, PH.D, The Reisman Institute, at on February 13, 2021.

Voice of the Voiceless testifies about the harms of MN HF2156

On March 2nd, 2022, Voice of the Voiceless President Daren Mehl and board member Andrew Rodriguez testified at the Minnesota House of Representatives related to the Minnesota House Bill HF2156 introduced by Democrat Representative Athena Hollins (DFL) of St. Paul. The bill is described as “Conversion therapy with children and vulnerable adults prohibited, medical assistance coverage prohibited, and misrepresentation of conversion therapy services or products prohibited.”

In giving testimony in a Minnesota legislative hearing, Voice of the Voiceless President Daren Mehl gave testimony about the harms of “conversion therapy” bans, and called out the unconstitutional abridgement of free speech and religious practice. Conversion therapy bans establish a state religion, specifically one that adopts the tenets of the LGBTQ cult religious beliefs. It forces parents to affirm the lie that their children are not the sex they are born as, and that people are born gay and cannot change. The LGBTQ religious jihad against ex-gay Christians by necessity of their religious views, denies their very existence of our exLGBTQ community, the Christians and others who have left the LGBTQ community and no longer are romantically or sexually attracted to the same sex, and have desisted from a transgender identity.

A large portion of the narrative behind ‘conversion therapy bans’ are the demonic lies (1 Timothy 4:1) that people are born gay, and that they cannot change. This of course denies God’s created order of everyone being heterosexual by design and the ability of the human mind to adapt, heal, and change, and the powerful work of redemption and sanctification Jesus does in His disciples. It also attempts to eradicate OUR EXLGBTQ community.

Today we heard many ‘experts’ claim that it is impossible to change sexual orientation or to detransition from being transgender. However, there were many of us who testified of being changed and restored. What sticks out as particularly harmful is how this kind of legislation comes with the explicit denial of the (ex-LGBT) Christian community. Even though we do exist, the LGBTQ lobby and their supports blatantly say we do not exist. It seems by necessity to keep their illogical narrative afloat that they must deny that we exist or their legislation and religious beliefs are made out to be an obvious error and harmful to us and others.

Mehl was particularly concerned about the infringement of parental rights because the language of the legislation requires that parents and therapists affirm the transgender identity of a child, regardless if the parent believes it is not authentic to who the child is. Mehl is a licensed minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shared a very tragic story of a parent whose child was ‘transgendered’ behind the parents back at school.


Mehl pointed out the Constitutional crisis we are in at this time. When elected officials knowingly and brazenly break their oath to uphold The Constitution, with the example of his (former) representative Bierman boldly proclaiming his desire to stifle free speech and religious speech, specifically the testimony of redemption and sanctification by faith in Jesus Christ. Representative Bierman doubles down on his Constitutional oath breaking. Here is the exchange.


The horrendous piece of legislation HF2156 that was passed through committee today on party lines (Democrats Yay, Republicans Nay) is harmful to the Christian community we are called to minister to when licensed therapy is necessary. When working with individuals in pastoral care situations, it sometimes becomes clear someone is suffering from past traumatic sexual abuse or other significant events in their life that requires licensed talk therapy practitioners, and so we would refer for additional care.


It is often times the right thing to refer for the mental health and spiritual growth of the individual. However, in good conscience, we cannot refer to a licensed therapist who would knowingly work against the best interest of the Christian disciple by affirming them in a false identity other than what God planned for them.

Because every person holds a religious worldview bias, licensed therapists included, it is necessary to know that a referral therapist would be willing to allow a Christian disciple their self directed goals of diminishing sinful behavior or seeking to align their behaviors to their beliefs.

Board member Andrew Rodriguez testifies that the research used by the LGBTQ community are weak retrospectives and there is much research that is not being presented or acknowledged.

This legislation would prevent any referral to licensed therapy because every therapist would have to deny the Christian clients goal of seeking their authentic identity as created by God. It would also discriminate against Christian therapists by forcing them into a LGBTQ religious belief system which denies our Creator. It would be precluding them from working in a direction of their clients choosing, deny parents’ rights to direct their children in medical and spiritual care, and prohibit access to therapy based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


On a final note, this bill is particularly dangerous to the rights of Agape First Ministries (and churches in Minnesota) to host our conferences and sell our discipleship materials in Minnesota. The language in the bill infringes on our Constitutional rights by prohibiting what they call promotion, sales, services of ‘conversion therapy’, which they’ve made clear includes our ministry conferences, books, and pastoral care sessions.


Voice of the Voiceless encourages everyone who loves their neighbor and desires to love God to write to their Minnesota representatives, senators, and even the Governor of Minnesota, and let them know your concerns about the harm the bill will have it is passed into law.

Bill Information: (It exists as two bills, different numbers in House and Senate)

HF2156 on Minnesota House of Representatives website

SF1871 in Minnesota Senate Website

The full hearing can be viewed here:

The minutes from the Thirteenth Meeting is here:

Note: Only Democrats voted for this bill. Only Republicans voted against it.

The full audio can be downloaded here:

All of the information provided as testimony for the hearing is provided here:

Audio & Video Archive – Minnesota House of Representatives

Daren Mehl Written Testimony:
Daren Mehl Testimony – Minnesota HF2156

Daren Mehl Spoken Testimony:
Daren Mehl Spoken Testimony HF2156

Voice of the Voiceless Public Statement
(This was not provided to the committee due to a procedural technicality resulting in the censorship of many emails sent in for testimony. We provided it here for the record.)

Voice of the Voiceless is a Minnesota non-profit educating the public on the rights of former LGBTQ individuals to speak of their faith in Jesus Christ in the public square, of the healing they received through the testimony and power of Jesus Christ, of being healed to from homosexuality to their natural heterosexual self. Voice of the Voiceless calls on the government of Minnesota to treat us with equal dignity and respect as other citizens of Minnesota, and to uphold our Constitutional right to free speech and practice of our faith in Jesus Christ.

We recognize the harm that HF2156 could do to our community to seek talk therapy through licensed services to align our behaviors with our religious convictions. We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to our inalienable rights, our Constitutional rights, and 1964 Civil Rights, specifically of free speech, practice of religion, and the inalienable right to direct our children as we are convicted to do by our Creator.
We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to parents of children who may be confused by popular culture which regularly promotes rebellion against the Creator in the name of living as LGBTQ, in denial of the purpose of ones life as taught in the Bible. We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to prevent parents from helping guide children in the faith of their family as well as interfering in the parents right in making the best medical choices for their children.

We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to our children and community by the government forced promotion of the LGBTQ religious practice of denial of our Creator, violation of the 1st Commandment to have no other God’s, and rebellion against your parents which is a violation of the 4th Commandment to honor father and mother. We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to prevent our community of former LGBTQ individuals and their ability to evangelize and disciple their friends out of the LGBTQ community. Effectively the state would protect the LGBTQ community from the speech and religious practice of Christians. We recognize the harm of HF2156 whereby the state is forcing Christians to affirm the abomination of sodomy as part of the Creator’s intent for mankind. We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to to force Christians to affirm the false belief that people are born gay and cannot change, resulting in the false “gay celibate” doctrines robbing people of the hope to be healed and restored to heterosexuality and marriage to the complimentary sex. We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to the Christian community at large, The Church, whereby the state effectively is precluding any discipleship of individuals who themselves desire to leave the LGBTQ cult practices of sodomy or transgenderism in the name of ‘fraud’, ‘homophobia’, ‘transphobia’.

We recognize the harm that HF2156 would do to our community by creating a tyranny of LGBTQ cult religious beliefs, in rejection of the Creator, who has blessed this country and prospered our families.

We also reject the false science of the LGBTQ lobby which has supported the false pretenses for HF2156. It is biased, grossly false, and unethically promoted.


‘Yes, Christians believe in hell’: campaigners respond to conversion therapy activist

From the article showing the LGBTQ lobby is definitely trying to rewrite or ban Christian Orthodoxy:

Anderson explained that they initially tried to convince him to pursue heterosexual relationships, before later imploring him to embrace a life of celibacy in obedience to the Bible.

He said both attempting to change someone’s sexuality and asking them to ‘suppress’ it should be considered conversion therapy, adding that “helping someone to live within the rules of their religion” can cross over into conversion therapy.

He said: “In terms of the suppression – being gay but not doing gay things – we would argue that ought to be covered by the ban if someone is trying to suppress or deny or not act on their sexuality.”

Ban Conversion Therapy, the activist group of which Anderson is a member, is campaigning for a ban on prayer, preaching, pastoral support and even parenting which asks Christians to live in accordance with the biblical view of sexuality and gender.

Continue the article on The Christian Institute 

Pastor Appeals to Supreme Court After Big Tech Removed Video of His Story About Leaving Homosexuality

Christian Pastor James Domen alleges video-sharing platform Vimeo censored his non-profit for sharing videos, one of which was about how he left homosexuality. Domen is trying to get his case heard by the Supreme Court because he believes he should have the right to speak openly without being “eliminated” from public discourse.