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Please help Voice of the Voiceless and our community. Help us equip people with the truth, to tear down the lies, and to make a difference in people’s lives. Your support goes a long way to ensuring people can seek the resources they desire for their faith in Christ.

Voice of the Voiceless is a volunteer organization. Our President, the Officers, and the Advisory Board members do not take salaries and volunteer there time and efforts.

All direct donations directly to Voice of the Voiceless are Tax Deductable.

However, donations directly to the leaders of Voice of the Voiceless ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE.

Thank you, God Bless!

Donation to Voice of the Voicesless is Tax Deductible

(Tax Deductible)

Donation to President Daren Mehl:
Not Tax Deductible; A gift
Help Daren Mehl serve at VoV
(Not Tax Deductible)

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