Reclaim It Virtual Conference

Equip the church to love, disciple, and embrace those coming out of LGBTQ lifestyle

Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip the Church to discern the false narratives undergirding the LGBTQ culture and how to best help individuals trapped in this false identity. We believe revival is coming within the LGBTQ community and the Church must know how to share the Truth of God’s Word, to disciple, to nurture, to love and to help redeemed individuals reclaim their true identity in Christ.


Our goal is to help LGBTQ individuals understand who they really are; that they are image bearers of Almighty God. He doesn’t make mistakes, and He created only two genders. This is a message of love, not condemnation. This is also a message of hope for parents with LGBT children. Because the enemy is using the LGBTQ agenda to destroy our children, our families, and to ultimately destroy the Church. Because it is only in Christ, our children, our families and the Church will discover their TRUE IDENTITY.

Hollywood, culture and the media glamorize and sanitize the LGBTQ lifestyle. Liberal theologians preach a false “gay is okay, we’re under grace” gospel. The public education system teaches kids they can invent their own gender. But countless transgender individuals now say just being affirmed ignored the real issues they struggled with. Thousands now regret their
botched surgeries, mutilations and side-effects from hormone blockers and cross sex hormone shots. They ultimately discovered all of these things caused more pain, heartache, and regret, not happiness.

Yet, too many in the medical field continue treating gender confused children and adults as medical guinea pigs and do not counsel them about the permanent damage and harm these medical interventions cause.

We will share testimonies from former LGBTQ individuals who will contrast what their old life was like compared to their new life in Christ.

We have subject matter experts expose how the GLBTQ agenda is being pushed in the public school system; how laws silence Christians and strip parents of their rights.

We will have medical professionals discuss the real consequences of unnatural medical intervention and the emotional trauma of perpetuating the lie that people can actually change their sex.

And you will hear how Christ is using a remarkable man to minister to thousands of men and women who regret their ‘transitions’.

Our prayer is for LGBTQ individuals to know who they are intended to be in Christ, to see God as their Heavenly Father, not a tyrant who hates them. We desire for them to hear the message that God loves them, that Jesus died on the Cross for them, that deliverance from any kind of sexual bondage is possible, and that redemption is available to them through a personal relationship with Christ.

We have a passion for humanity. We long for godly men rise up and lead their families. We long for the empowered Church to stand firm on love, grace, Truth and sound doctrine so she no longer follows the culture by promoting agendas and embracing laws that go against God’s Word. The Church must be equipped to stand firmly on the Truth, in order to reach the heart of each person who doesn’t know their true identity.

We hope you will join us for this informative, factual and powerful online conference.

Video recorded by Voice of the Voiceless with special guests Pastor Daryl Whiten, Full Proof Ministries, Emcee Tamara Scott, Nate Oyloe, Executive Director of Agape First Ministries, April Lockhart, Bonnie Gasper, Child Protection League, Walt Heyer,, Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director, American College of Pediatricians, Jon Uhler, LPC,, Dr. Judith Reisman, PH.D, The Reisman Institute, at on February 13, 2021.

Video recorded by Voice of the Voiceless with special guests Pastor Daryl Whiten, Full Proof Ministries, Emcee Tamara Scott, Daren Mehl, President Voice of the Voiceless, Luca Groppoli, Associate Director Agape First Ministries, Jon Uhler, LPC,, George Carneal, Author, Vicky Joy Anderson, Author, Laura Perry, Author, at on February 13, 2021.