Join Our Coalition and Help us Fight Anti-Ex-Gay Extremism

Emboldened by recent victories in California and New Jersey, anti-ex-gay extremists are out to take away the rights of every parent and minor they can possibly get a hold of, regardless of the violations to free speech, religious freedom, and the evidence that shows that people can and do experience chance in sexual orientation. In the last few months, they have introduced legislation in roughly ten states to ban therapy for minors who seek to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions.


As justification for their cause, which they endlessly play the victim card, they point to bizarre practices from other countries that are not mainstream treatments by any licensed mental health practitioner in the United States.


If that doesn’t work, they simply make stories up, as we saw with Brielle Goldani in New Jersey last year. Goldani claimed to have been sent to a “conversion therapy torture camp” in Ohio in 1999 called “True Directions.” But what we uncovered was an absolute fraud. Goldani never went to such a camp. She made the whole thing up, basing her “testimony” from a 1997 movie starring draq queen RuPaul called “But I’m a Cheerleader.”


Yes, the lies never end with these anti-ex-gay extremists. Even when their fraud is exposed, they continue to make more outrageous claims, like Troy Stevenson of Equality New Jersey did last year, when he claimed there were eight “conversion therapy torture camps” across the United States. Yet, when we repeatedly asked Troy to give us the names of the camps so we can investigate them, he refused.


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