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Wayne “It’s ok to have sex with AIDS-infected partners” Besen Wins Hypocrisy Award

hypocrisy awardSooner or later, true hypocrisy shows its true hand. In his latest article, Truth Wins Out Condemns Providence College For Rescinding Speaking Invitation for Marriage Equality Proponent,” Wayne “It’s ok to have sex with AIDS-infected partners” Besen demands that Providence College reinstate gay marriage activist Dr. John Corvino to speak about the benefits of Gay Marriage at a student event this weekend at the college.


Read the article. The evidence of Besen’s true character and mission is revealed in the first few paragraphs, especially when compared with all his earlier articles and actions concerning sexual orientation change therapies.

In the article according to Besen:


The abrupt and impolite cancellation (Dr. Corvino’s speech) was announced by the college’s provost on Saturday, depriving the students of the very type of open debate that leading  universities are supposed to foster.


Besen speaks for open debate on these issues? Highly trained and licensed therapists who conduct successful reparative therapies have asked for years to participate in the open and fair debate of these issues to institutions of higher education, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and encouraged Besen himself to discuss or publish a good faith effort to present both sides of sexuality and change issues.

For years, in article after article, in speech after speech, Besen has incessantly attempted to insure the exact opposite of open and free speech. Peruse his website and you will see his only mission is to destroy any opinion, and any person, that is not congruent with his Gay ideology. He has also used defamatory, caustic and unprofessional language toward people for years who sincerely disagree with his philosophy.

Besen opposes hate, but uses hate speech, lies, misleading information, and information cover-ups in an effort to force all people to believe in Gay ideology. He never allows other viewpoints to be fully debated or expressed fairly on his own website, nor does he ever allow anyone, if he can help it, to express alternative views in any of his efforts with other institutions or the media. And now he asks for an open debate?

We have always stated publicly that we recognize the right of all individuals to express their views on sexuality. We have always welcomed the voice of Gay persons to speak about what they believe. However, we have never been given the same unbiased treatment by Besen or by the health organizations mentioned above. 

Indeed, Besen has shown his true hand, his true mindset…to force his agenda onto everyone no matter what biased and dishonorable methods will get the job done.

We are still interested in free speech for all. We sincerely ask Mr. Besen to open a forum or an event to give honest evaluation to both sides of these sexuality issues. We stand ready at any time to insure he or his colleagues have a voice through fair play.

The cards are indeed on the table. Let all hands be played.


David H. Pickup, M.A., LMFT, is the Vice-President of Voice of the Voiceless and holds a masters degree in psychology. He is licensed in California and Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist. He is pursuing his doctorate in psychology at California Southern University in Los Angeles.



Anti-Ex-Gay Activists Soooooooo Angry About Sandusky-Branded New Jersey Bill

Wayne Besen, David Roberts, and Other Ex-Gay Haters Throw Tantrums on Blogosphere

It was bound to happen. Now that the New Jersey bill to ban therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attractions has been successfully branded the Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act, anti-ex-gay/gay activists are throwing tantrums on the blogosphere.

In a May 7 post, Toby Grace whines that “Brielle Goldani is now living a nightmare because of her courage and willingness to testify to the New Jersey Senate committee holding hearings on bill S2278, also known as “The Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act . . . Ms. Goldani says she has been essentially driven into seclusion by harassing phone calls at both home and work and stalking on social media sites. Troy Stevenson, director of Garden State Equality, characterized it as a “re-victimization,” and points out that, while there may be no camp with such a name in Ohio today, that in no way means there was none 15 years ago.”

To be clear, Brielle Goldani’s fraudulent testimony on March 18 has been thoroughly discredited in articles published byWorldNetDaily.com and Townhall.com. To sum it up, no one can corroborate Goldani’s story of being tortured in a camp called “True Directions,” which only exists in a 1999 movie starring Drag Queen Ru Paul. The Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office confirmed that no such camp has ever existed, as well as several licensed mental health practitioners in Ohio who have been working in the sexual orientation field for decades. Additionally, the top official in the Assemblies of God church network in Ohio denied such a camp has ever existed, as well as Goldani’s church in New Jersey, who she said paid for her (him at the time) to attend the so-called “conversion therapy torture camp.” Re-victimized? Sorry, one would have to be victimized in the first place to be re-victimized, and Goldani clearly has not.

But that hasn’t stopped the gay activists in New Jersey from doubling-down on their discredited conspiracy theories of “gay conversion therapy” camps. Troy Stevenson, Executive Director of Garden State Equality, claims there are an additional six camps in Ohio doing similar work as True Directions. Really Troy, six camps that use aversion therapy such as forced IV injections and electroshock therapy intended to zap the gay out of youngsters? The scene in New Jersey is quickly turning into a full-fledged circus with these unsubstantiated allegations, and the activists are getting nervous. So much so, that they cancelled the May 15 Assembly hearing where they intended to bring in “prominent” gay psychiatrist Dr. Jack Drescher to put a nail in the coffin for sexual orientation change effort (SOCE) therapy and send the Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act on its way to Governor Chris Christie’s desk.

Clearly on the defense, anti-ex-gay activists are sooooo angry that their lies are being called out. David Roberts of Ex-Gay Watch complained last night on Facebook that therapists like me who are against children being victimized by pedophiles like Jerry Sandusky, and then lied to by gay activists that their same-sex attraction isn’t caused by sex abuse, are using this bill for political purposes and to “further our profits.”

Even better, Wayne Besen at the hilariously-named Truth Wins Out claims that ex-gay advocates are desperate and relying on “junk science” to make the connection with Jerry Sandusky and the New Jersey bill. If we were so desperate Wayne, why did your fellow anti-ex-gay activists in New Jersey cancel the May 15 hearing? Why not go forward and push this bill through the Assembly committee just like they did with the Senate hearing? Could it be that all their lies are coming back to haunt them? Could it be that THEY are desperate to create distance from these lies and the Sandusky-branded bill?