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Equality Act Lawsuit


Dr. David Pickup, a psychotherapist, MA, LMFT and a former LGBTQ activist, Reverend Daren Mehl, the President of Voice Of The Voiceless and an ex-gay, Reverend Stephen Black, the executive director of First Stone Ministries and an ex-gay activist, Greg Quinlan, the executive director of the Center For Garden State Family and an ex-gay lobbyist, Pastor Penkoski, senior Pastor of Warriors for Christ, and Chris Sevier, founder of De Facto Attorneys General, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against President Joe Biden, Sen. Jeff Merley (OR), Leader Chuck Schumer (NY), Chairman Richard Durbin (IL), and Rep. Cicilline (RI), and Speaker Pelosi for preliminary and permanent injunctive relief pursuant to 42 USC § 1983 for violating the Establishment Clause, Free Speech Clause, and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and for declaratory relief pursuant to 28 USC § 2201 for violating their Clause 3 Article VI oath of office in the United States Constitution by the act of creating, introducing, endorsing, promoting, favoring, respecting, and threatening to enact the Equality Act, which is unconstitutional on its face.

Rep. Cicilline is from Rhode Island and is the prime author of the bill.
The case has been assigned to Trump-appointed Judge McFadden, and the docket number is 1:22-cv-859. 

Summary of the argument: The fundamental argument in this action for permanent injunctive relief is that in view of the sworn testimonies of ex-gays, medical experts, licensed theologians, and persecuted Christians, sexual orientation and gender identity are orthodoxies, ideologies, and doctrines that amount to a series of unproven faith-based assumptions and naked assertions that are implicitly religious and inseparably linked to the religion of secular humanism. The US Supreme Court already established secular humanism is a religion for the purpose of the first amendment in cases like Torcaso v. Watkins; accordingly, for the defendants to introduce and attempt to enact and enforce the Equality Act – and all similar policies – violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment because (1) such government action lacks a primary secular purpose, (2) constitutes an indefensible legal weapon against non-observers of the religion of secular humanism, and (3) serves to excessively entangle our government with the religion of secular humanism. We will come at the Biden Administration as hard as possible for good cause explained in the attached verified complaint.

Why did I choose to sue the President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority leader to stop the Equality Act? Because it is unconstitutional and will criminalize Christian ministry, an abridgement of my First Amendment rights. Because LGBTQ is a cult belief system, not an immutable human trait. Because the US Government must not entangle itself with those secular humanist beliefs and force them on every American. Because for decades the American people have been lied to about sexuality. Because the majority of LGBTQ ‘science’ is fake and biased, their ‘research’ is fake and biased. Because no one is born gay, and orientation is fluid and change is possible. Because the belief being ‘born gay is perfect’ and ‘you cannot change’ are false religious beliefs which I believe will lead someone to hell, eternal separation from their Creator, a loving God. Because the tyranny of the LGBTQ lobby is a bully system used to recruit allies to groom children into their religious system.

Why did I choose to act with this lawsuit? Because people are being robbed of their human dignity. Calling men women in the name of ‘transgender’ religious beliefs is robbing those men of their dignity. When someone is ‘identified’ as LGBTQ, they are being robbed of their humanity. They have much greater potential as they were created by their Creator with intention and purpose, of which is evident in Natural Law. But BECAUSE the government is forcing us to recognize people as LGBTQ, the government is forcing us to dehumanize an entire ‘community’ of people.

People are not LGBTQ by nature, but by belief. I once believed I was gay, and then Jesus set me free when He revealed the truth to me. My belief system now tells me that those who identify as ‘LGBTQ’ are bound to sin, to lies, to death, to dehumanizing identity and behaviors. My belief system tells me that to sodomize another man is sin, an abomination, because it devalues the humanity and humiliates that man. My belief system tells me that to cut off your penis and testicles and implant breasts so you can identify as a woman is very much dehumanizing that man. My belief system tells me that to let a woman cut off her breasts in the name of transgender rights is to hate that woman and the dignity she has as an image bearer of God.

My belief system says that sodomizing another man is not love, because love does no harm to it’s neighbor, love is not unbecoming. And that is what LGBTQ belief system is, it is unbecoming of their humanity, and to affirm it is to deny the greater humanity defined by our Creator. Our Creator made us male and female. Our Creator gave us bodies which bear the image of Himself. Our Creator gave us the gift of life, to be able to reproduce image bearers of God.

Yet the LGBTQ cult belief system says that there is no God, or rather you are your own God, and you can live as any ‘gender’ you can imagine, or assert yourself to be. The LGBTQ cult belief system is viciously set against the testimony of Jesus Christ delivering people out of their ‘community’. I use the word cult because they lie, bully, and manipulate people into their ‘community’ as well as work to destroy anyone who leaves or says you can leave their ‘community.’

I have a higher view of the person who identifies as ‘LGBTQ’ than they do themselves. And the US Constitution gives me the inalienable right to speak and testify of the truth. I believe they were created male or female, and for the purposes to glorify God, to be in relationship with our Creator through Jesus Christ, and even to reproduce image bearers of God on the Earth through natural means. And the Equality Act would prevent me from speaking of the truth, of my belief system, and would force me to participate in the lies and death that is the LGBTQ cult system.

Here is the lawsuit

Update: 4/1/2022 The federal judge has approved the lawsuit and so my statement is officially received and added to the lawsuit along with all the attachments. The statement is updated here and attachments added.

Here is my statement:


All attachments can be found in this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yCr7kFBbJpkZCZ9dEEmVDaPPMVD6kPWM

What kind of stunt is it to sue before a bill becomes law?

This isn’t a stunt, this is a mechanism of law to prevent harm before it happens. In Minnesota, this occurred successfully when The State of Minnesota had potential legislation in the Minnesota Human Rights bill, which would have forced creative organizations such as Telescope Media Group to film sodomite unions and provide creative films of the event. This went against their religious convictions. The Eighth Circuit ruled against Minnesota, saying the law would violate their First Amendment rights.


Remember – the LGBTQ community is one built around a cult belief system, one based in licentiousness, and as our Founding Fathers knew, liberty dies in licentiousness. Where LGBTQ “rights” are sought it will consume our freedom.

Note that in 2005, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays) sued Montgomery County Public Schools to prevent LGBTQ indoctrination, that is they used the establishment rule against the school district and they won. The precedent has been set.


Daren Mehl is President of Voice of the Voiceless. To support Voice of the Voiceless, please visit https://www.voiceofthevoiceless.info/donate

Daren on Dr. J Show

January 26,2024

Thank you to Dr. J and The Dr. J Show for having me on to discuss my testimony and how we are regularly persecuted for simply existing. Rhoda laughed out loud when she heard Dr. J call me a unicorn. Yup, I’m Rhoda’s unicorn! (Rhoda’s life is all Rainbows, Unicorns, and butterflies!)

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Daren Mehl is the President of Voice of the Voiceless, a non-profit organization that aims to defend the rights of people who are virtually never given a voice in the public square, and — in fact — often told that they don’t exist or are lying: Former homosexuals, individuals that have unwanted same-sex attraction, and the families of these truly marginalized people. He is a former homosexual who now lives as a disciple of Jesus and has received healing through Jesus. Mehl shares his testimony of coming out of a gay Christian lifestyle to live faithfully in marriage with his wife Rhoda of 18 years. He speaks frequently about the global attack on the Christian faith via the LGBTQ agenda and how we can respond in love, truth, and speak of the power of Jesus Christ to save and transform. He is currently a pastor at the community church where he lives and is also founder of Made Free Ministries. Note: In this interview, four categories of Christians are discussed: ”Side A” “Revel: Gay Partnership.” These professing “Christians” are gay-affirming and bless homosexual unions. The general belief is that one is born gay. “Side B” ”Resist: Gay Identity.” This group includes professing Christians who identify as gay, yet admit same-sex partnerships and sex are prohibited in the eyes of God. They choose celibacy. “Side X” “Renounce: or Repentance.” This group knows identity is not found in our desires but in Jesus Christ. Our fallen nature is the primary issue of same-sex struggles. “Side Y” “Rebuild: or Transformation” Identity is found in Christ and we must repent of sin, but the focus is on intentional discipleship to more profound healing, relational wholeness, and even newfound desires.

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LGBT Bully Pulpit – Court Case – JONAH

Daren, Andrew, and Arthur discuss this history around the JONAH case, which is the precedent setting ‘Conversion Therapy Fraud’ case in New Jersey. A travesty of justice and blatant bias in the courts.

Here is the powerpoint slide deck in PDF format:


Bible News Radio – Interview by Stacy Harp

Nicole Serrano Comes Out as Lesbian- An Ex-Gay Christian and Non-Gay Christian Break Down The Story

Daren Mehl and Derek Paul review the coming out narratives provided by Nicole Serrano and reflect on their own journey of being healed from same sex attractions by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Former “Ex-Christian” Nicole Serrano comes out as a lesbian in a big push by major media on Thursday. A coordinated PRIDE event to shame the church, the PRO LGBTQ media is using Nicole’s story to push the church harder into the affirming of sin, redefining love, and redefining holiness and righteousness.

Daren and Derek review Nicole’s coming out stories as seen on Facebook and then read an article where she was interviewed. Daren is a ex-gay Christian. He once lived as a gay Christian, though the Holy Spirit brought him out of that and he is now married and has no desire for sodomy or sexual attractions toward men, he has been married for 16 years. Derek is a non-gay, that is he had same sex attractions but never acted out. The Holy Spirit also worked in him to heal his brokenness in this area and he too is now married and has a thriving family.

The insights Daren and Derek bring as people who have been in this journey and come out of the LGBTQ entrapment have a lot of insights to share about her story. While this is a longer episode at 90 minutes, we believe the insights gained will be quite beneficial to you.

Links to items discussed in the video:
(Some are LGBTQ news sites which may contain inappropriate items that may trigger.)

Coming Out Post #1, (June 9, 2022)

Coming Out Post #2 (June 10, 2022)







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Daren Mehl is President of Voice of the Voiceless. To support Voice of the Voiceless, please visit https://www.voiceofthevoiceless.info/donate

Our Voices Interview – Tyler Jornov

“Kobabe acknowledged that several of the book’s graphic images may not be appropriate for elementary school children. However, the author said the book’s frank accounts are “integral” to showing readers an experience growing up outside of cisgender and heterosexual norms, adding that “we need to reduce the shame” about sex among teenagers.”

Today, 39% of Gen Z identify as LGBTQ. This unfortunate statistic points to a cultural shift in schools away from honoring our Creator, creation (intelligent design), natural law, and respect for our bodies and marriage. Presently schools teach children to reject our Creator, that there are no moral limits for the use of our bodies as long as there is consent and pleasure. The culture in schools is one of pro-LGBTQ and ‘anything goes that pleases you’ hedonism.

In this episode of Our Voices, Voice of the Voiceless President Daren Mehl interviews Tyler Jornov who recently spoke in favor of banning a homosexually graphic book, Gender Queer, from his school in an attempt to bring forth the Biblical truth around faithfulness to our Creator and use of our bodies. Tyler brought forth the truth to speak life into the darkness, showing a strong compassion for his classmates, in spite of their attacks against him for doing so.

You can view Tyler’s school board comments here:

While the school board initially banned Gender Queer because of it’s graphic content at the behest of parents, a pro-LGBTQ student activist put together a petition to the school board to restore the book to the library shelves. It received over 1000 signatures. Unfortunately the pro-LGBTQ student body believe graphic examples of sodomy and fornication are necessary for the ‘education’ of children in schools. The indoctrination into sexular humanism has taken a hold of our schools.

“Kobabe acknowledged that several of the book’s graphic images may not be appropriate for elementary school children. However, the author said the book’s frank accounts are “integral” to showing readers an experience growing up outside of cisgender and heterosexual norms, adding that “we need to reduce the shame” about sex among teenagers.”

The petition quotes the author on how the book can be used to help promote sex among teens and be a resource to help them discover ‘who they are’. Sex among teens is particularly shameful for a community, and even worse a school, to promote. Licentiousness, having no moral or material limits, and lasciviousness, shameful sexual desires, is not a virtue to promote in the school. This continual grooming of children through the promotion of homosexual and transgender identities is likely one of the leading factors contributing to the 39% Gen Z identifying as LGBTQ.

Across the country, school administrators and teachers, librarians are increasingly and without shame teaching a religious belief to children that they ARE GAY (or TRANSGENDER). As there is evidence ontologically we are NOT born this way, and change is possible, it leads us to see that there is an ideological aspect to this culture being pushed on kids, not truth or science which is what schools should be focused on.

The push to end stigma associated with licentiousness and lasciviousness among teens is a moral pox on our community and incredibly harmful to our children. Homosexual and transgender identity and behaviors are harmful to children and should remain stigmatized. The cure is the hope of restoration of their identity and truths about how God created them.

Those who are righteous and know the truth need to stand up and protect the kids from this onslaught of debauchery in the classroom. We absolutely must not reduce the stigma associated with sex acts among teenagers nor allow groomers to normalize it. We need to teach them self-dignity and worth in honoring their bodies. We must teach them that sodomy is an unbecoming act and the homosexual lifestyle leads to more illness, physically and mentally.

The unbecoming and unnatural acts of homosexuality and the related false identity claims are not something to praise and promote in our schools. It is harmful to our children to promote or affirm such behaviors and abuses of one’s own body.

Tyler Jornov tells his story of engaging in the discussion at the school board, bearing the weight of criticism of his peers, and the challenges of standing in righteousness in a very dark moment. He also courageously discusses his own journey of questioning his own sexuality and the door that lead to experimenting with homosexuality and then the Lord’s work to bring him out of it. It was particularly unfortunate that a Christian leader affirmed homosexuality and pointed Tyler to Matthew Vines.


School LGBTQ Activists Petition to have Gender Queer graphic book restored

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