Voice of the Voiceless Praises ESPN Decision to Reject Discrimination

Rev. DL Foster Comments on Chris Broussard’s Reaction to Jason Collins “Coming Out” in the NBA

May 1, 2013, Atlanta, GA – Voice of the Voiceless (VOV), a public advocacy organization supporting and defending the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families, today voiced approval of ESPN’s handling of Chris Broussard’s reaction to Jason Collins’ announcement that he is gay. Collins made headlines this week when he become the first player in a major professional sport to openly announce his homosexuality.

Broussard, a veteran ESPN sports reporter was invited to add perspective —not as a representative of ESPN— but as an American citizen with free speech rights, in response to the “coming out” of Jason Collins. Despite Broussard responding with grace, truth, and honesty, he was yet excoriated by the same groups who demanded that another sports star (Tim Tebow) keep his Christian faith hidden because it is “too polarizing.”

“Discrimination has found a new soft target in the media marketplace. Bracketed by concerns of losing one’s employment and the threat of a public media lynching is the new reality for American citizens of traditional biblical faith who would dare openly voice their perspectives on sexuality and morality,” said Rev. DL Foster, VOV Co-Founder.

Nowhere is that concern more pronounced than in the media as Americans found out on Monday in the wake of the previously unknown player’s announcement that he was homosexual. Despite intense pressure from a chorus of pro-gay personalities, ESPN stood by Broussard, issuing a statement that called the discussion “respectful” and part of its “commit[ment] to diversity.” We applaud ESPN for their tolerance and respect for diversity.

Much like the team sports ethic, ESPN gets it that dissension in national discussions about homosexuality is a vibrant part of our American ideals. VOV calls on other organizations to resist extremist voices that seek to push our nation into a one-sided media monopoly on important issues.

Rev. DL Foster is the Co-Founder of Voice of the Voiceless