Sign the Petition and Join Maryland Families Against HB 91

Join Maryland Families and Tell the House of Delegates to Vote “No” for HB 91

HB 91 would prohParents_and_Kids_diverse_groupibit a licensed mental health practitioner in the state of Maryland from offering counseling or psychotherapy to a minor that has unwanted same-sex attractions and seeks to change his/her homosexual orientation. It would also take away the rights of parents to choose a licensed mental health care provider for their children that is consistent with their religious and/or spiritual values, if their child wants to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions and seek sexual orientation change.

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Maryland House of Delegates,

HB 91 would take away the rights of minors to receive counseling for unwanted same-sex attractions, even if those attractions resulted from sexual abuse or molestation from a sexual predator.

This bill would also take away the rights of parents to choose a licensed mental health provider that aligns with their family’s religious and spiritual values on the issue of homosexuality.

The freedom to exercise religion is embedded in the Constitution of the United States, and as citizens, we have the right to seek out medical and mental health care that is consistent with our religious and spiritual values.

Taking away the rights of our family and children to seek out counseling from highly trained licensed mental health providers who specialize in counseling for unwanted same-sex attractions is governmental intrusion into our families.

Please vote “NO” for HB 91 and respect the rights of parents to make the proper decisions for their children’s mental health! We know what is best for our children, not the government!

Click Here to Sign the Petition and Tell Maryland Delegates to Vote “No” for HB 91

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