Christian Introduces Legislation to Restore Therapy in Brazil Citing Human Rights Issue

Brazilian Pastor Believes Self-Determination is a Fundamental Human Right

Today, LifeSiteNews reported that Pastor Marco Feliciano, a Brazilian Evangelical who was recently elected as the chairman of the Human Rights Committee for the national Chamber of Deputies, is not satisfied with holding his ground against bitter protests and pressure to resign from homosexual activists and their allies.

To the outrage of the country’s gay lobby, he is now introducing legislation to roll back the prohibitions placed on reparative therapy for homosexuality by the country’s Federal Council of Psychology (CFP). The proposed legislation, authored by Evangelical deputy Joao Campos, would override parts of a resolution passed by the CFP in 1999, which prohibit psychologists from seeking to cure homosexuals of their sexual inclination or from endorsing the notion that their condition is any way psychologically disordered. A similar measure failed last year.

Voice of the Voiceless praises this heroic Christian for standing up against political activism that seeks to take away the rights of persons with unwanted same-sex attractions. To read the entire article, click here.

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