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‘Yes, Christians believe in hell’: campaigners respond to conversion therapy activist

From the article showing the LGBTQ lobby is definitely trying to rewrite or ban Christian Orthodoxy:

Anderson explained that they initially tried to convince him to pursue heterosexual relationships, before later imploring him to embrace a life of celibacy in obedience to the Bible.

He said both attempting to change someone’s sexuality and asking them to ‘suppress’ it should be considered conversion therapy, adding that “helping someone to live within the rules of their religion” can cross over into conversion therapy.

He said: “In terms of the suppression – being gay but not doing gay things – we would argue that ought to be covered by the ban if someone is trying to suppress or deny or not act on their sexuality.”

Ban Conversion Therapy, the activist group of which Anderson is a member, is campaigning for a ban on prayer, preaching, pastoral support and even parenting which asks Christians to live in accordance with the biblical view of sexuality and gender.

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Pastor Appeals to Supreme Court After Big Tech Removed Video of His Story About Leaving Homosexuality

Christian Pastor James Domen alleges video-sharing platform Vimeo censored his non-profit for sharing videos, one of which was about how he left homosexuality. Domen is trying to get his case heard by the Supreme Court because he believes he should have the right to speak openly without being “eliminated” from public discourse.

Facebook restores Christian ministries’ pages after being removed | U.S. News

Facebook has now restored the pages of Christian ministries it says were incorrectly removed from its platform amid a purge of content that offers services that aim to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Identity and Obedience in Revoice 2021

“Revoice 2021 Together met in October 2021 in Dallas to encourage what they call “sexual minorities” within the church to obedience, to reach out evangelistically to LGBTQ people, and to minister to “sexual majority” Christians. The conference featured Eve Tushnet, Preston Sprinkle, Greg Johnson, Misty Irons, Greg Coles, and many other speakers, as well as panels on gender minorities, racial minorities, and women. With an emphasis on community support (reflected in the theme “together”), the speakers called the gathered assembly to be obedient to a biblical sexual ethic, as well as acknowledging the pain that the church has caused to those who identify as LGBTQ.”