Anti-Ex-Gay Activists Applaud SNL’s “Gay Therapy Camp” Parody

Is Hetero Better Yo” and are NBC and CBS conspiring together?

 I rarely watch NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) anymore. First of all, with two small children (soon to be three) I usually don’t have the energy to stay up to 11:30, even on a Saturday night. But this weekend I had family in town and we ended up going to bed really late, so I happened to turn on NBC’s SNL, which was being hosted by Ben Affleck.

As I was about to turn it off and drift away to sleep, on came a scene of a typical summer camp, birds chirping in the background, with Affleck blowing a whistle: “Ok, can I get everyone’s attention. Welcome. I am Marvin, your camp director at New Beginnings Flagstaff. It’s ganna be a great summer, we’re ganna have a lot of fun…we’re ganna make a lot of friends, and yes, we’re ganna turn y’all straight cause you’re all gay kids and that’s a problem!” Watch the SNL “Gay Therapy Camp” parody by clicking here.

I have to admit, at that point I almost fell out of my bed laughing! What a ridiculous notion that a summer camp such as SNL’s “New Beginnings,” or better yet, “True Directions,” the camp Brielle Goldani said she was tortured and electroshocked in the effort to zap her from gay to straight, would actually exist in 2013! But that’s what gay activists would have you believe. In fact, Wayne Besen’s goons at the hilariously-named Truth Wins Out (TWO) wasted no time to applaud this parody as half-truth!

“This weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live did a fairly decent job in exposing the ludicrous nature of the pray away the gay movement. The ex-gay industry has always been equal parts evil and ridiculous, and SNL‘s sketch, featuring an obviously repressed Ben Affleck as an ex-gay camp leader, showed the latter side.”

I’m still wondering where I fall with the two options…evil or ridiculous?

To SNL’s credit, the sketch was actually funny. Especially the part where Ben says he’s “straight” and then has a hard time repressing his urge to kiss one of the other male camp counselors. In fact, it seems that NBC really did their homework. They claim the camp made Affleck, who was previously confused and thought he was born gay, straight. Previously confused, he came to this camp and went from “gay to straight” and now he’s married to a church-going woman and everything is just great! That’s right folks, it’s that easy! 

At least NBC only did a parody, unlike CBS, who devoted an entire hour of their prime time “Criminal Minds” show to portray individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions as “ticking time bombs” who murder gay men they hate and straight women they can’t sexually perform with…all in the name of a warped-view of Christianity and the Bible.

It seems like more and more of these fictitious “conversion therapy camps” are making their way into the national media. It’s almost as if CBS, NBC, and anti-ex-gay organizations are conspiring together, right at a crucial time where legislation is being proposed in a half-dozen states (already passed in California) to ban sexual orientation change effort (SOCE) therapy for minors who have unwanted same-sex attractions.

One final note: If this were truly a “conversion therapy camp,” I’m certain at least half of the kids in the camp (unlike SNL’s parody) would have already been “brainwashed” by their “Bible-thumping” families to believe they weren’t born gay. In the future, NBC shouldat least consult with some real ex-gays before writing another parody of SOCE.

To sign our petition and tell CBS’ Criminal Minds to apologize to the ex-gay and faith-based community, click here.

Christopher Doyle, M.A. is the Co-Founder of Voice of the Voiceless, the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families. For more information, visit:




Saturday Night Live Parodies The Ridiculous ‘Pray Away The Gay’ Movement