What is the definition of “woman?”

Let’s just ponder what this means, spiritually, when the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, puts forth a NOMINEE TO THE SUPREME COURT which is unwilling to define what a woman is. What are the ramifications? What does this mean for us as a country? What does this mean for us, believers, as the church? I break this down.

And for the record:
Woman: An adult human female


My video and comments got picked up on Word Foundations.

Daren Mehl offers the “Dose of Hard Truth” that America desperately needs right now, the dose of truth to which the title of this article refers.

Hear and heed Daren’s words. They constitute the warning that our nation needs to hear in this critical hour!

Justice is BLIND, but necessarily rooted in God’s character. No one, of any race, has a corner on justice. Justice belongs to the Lord.

Only the righteous can judge rightly. Someone who denies our Creator, who cannot define what is plainly evident, is not righteous, but wicked. And she is not able to judge. And so rather than justice being a terror to the wicked, the wicked are placing judges over us that will rule for the unrighteous and be a terror to righteousness!

God doesn’t need to judge us; we are judging ourselves by electing wicked people! God have mercy and may His name be known and His grace be given to the righteous to fight this!

Marxism says justice prevails only when the oppressed take power. This is why it always leads to chaos and injustice: it is inherently unjust. It pits people against one another. It always keeps them in the mindset of feeling victimized for being oppressed, or of feeling guilty for being oppressors. And as long as Satan can keep people fighting, he wins.

HOWEVER, if we are righteous and choose the truth of God as revealed in the Bible, we become righteous and Satan loses. Jesus is the truth. His grace will bring life to those who come to Him, to follow truth and real justice.

2 thoughts on “What is the definition of “woman?”

  1. Jason Hole

    Wow Daren! I Praise God for choosing you to share His message. Especially coming from you, who has come so far. You’re perfect for proclaiming this message. Out of darkness into the light. Props bro

  2. Russell

    What’s really stupid is that after she said on how she doesn’t know what a woman is. The next question was does she support the judicial decree of roe v wade which they’re based on women issue she said yes. Talk about living in a movie call Idiocracy.

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