Chapter 9

  1. Does The APA Really Care About Public Health And Children
  2. Relationship Problems, Not Family Rejections, Leading Cause of Higher Gay Suicides
  3. Homosexuality and Comorbidity
  4. HIV Infection and Irresponsible Behavior
  5. Rise in Unprotected Sex by Gay Men Spurs HIV Fears
  6. Homosexuality and Violence
  7. Marriage – Same Sex Couples
  8. Characteristics of LGBT entering substance abuse treatment
  9. Hope and Homosexuality, Sutton, section on comorbidity
  10. Transgendered Woman
  11. Past Present Discordant Gay Male Couples Bougher et al.
  12. Health, Trust, or Just Understood Explicit and Implicit Condom Decision Making
  13. Rates of Testing for HIV
  14. Dangers of Anal Sex
  15. Gay Monogamy
  16. Global Epidemiology of HIV Infection
  17. Relationship Characteristics Associated with Sexual Behavior Among MSM
  18. Gay Marriage and Public Health
  19. Scientific Support
  20. A Systematic Review Of Mental Disorder, Suicide, And Deliberate Self Harm In Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual People
  21. Homosexuality and Violence
  22. SSA, Child Sexual Abuse and Suicidal Behavior
  23. APA Defense Department Scandal
  24. Homosexuality and Suicide
  25. Victimization
  26. Sexual Profile of Older Homosexually Active Men
  27. Review of Characteristics of LGBT entering Substance Abuse Treatment
  28. Misc. Studies
  29. Sexual Orientation and Suicidality
  30. Mental Disorders and Homosexuality
  31. Alcohol Use in Homosexuals
  32. Psychiatric Disorders and Transgender Women
  33. CDC Fact Sheet
  34. Lifetime Risk of HIV Diagnosis
  35. Lifetime Risk of HIV graphic (Transmission Group)
  36. Psychiatric Morbidity
  37. Sexual Problems in Gay Men
  38. Origins for Sexual Compulsivity in Gay Men
  39. Disorders
  40. Mental Illness
  41. Sexual Orientation and Mental Health
  42. Risk of Psychiatric Disorders
  43. Alcohol and Drug Use among MSM
  44. Substance Abuse and AIDS
  45. Same Sex Behavior and Disorders
  46. Mental and Physical Health Status
  47. SSA and Mental Health Problems
  48. Invisible Victims
  49. Regnerus Commentary
  50. Higher Health Risks for Homosexuals
  51. Sexuality and Gender: part 2