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Sam Brinton and the Conversion Therapy Ban Deception

Sam’s narrative continues to fall apart as does his credibility as a key promoter of ‘conversion therapy bans’. With such incredible analysis provided, should we begin to dig deeper into the conversion therapy ban deception the LGBTQ lobby has built?

Special call out to The Ruth Institute for their efforts of exposing the lies behind “conversion therapy” bans and Sam Brinton. At the Ruth Institute’s 4th Annual Summit for Survivors of The Sexual Revolution special guest Susan Constantine, a nationally recognized body language expert on the panel. She presented on the body language and story of Sam Brinton. Yes, this is the SAME SAM BRINTON of

Consider opening this video on YouTube directly. to see how YouTube presents it with a ‘fact checker’ style notice. GOOGLE (YouTube) has ‘fact checked’ the video with a link to Trevor Project directly so you can find out who the organization was that platformed him. Of course Google/YouTube is providing that link to refute anyone who speaks of conversion therapy as well as Google is promoting the discrimination against our ex-LGBTQ community. (I digress)


Part of the evidence analyzed, and presented, was collected from a presentation done AT GOOGLE, who owns YoutTube. While the expert analysis done by Susan Constantine used many resources found on the internet, we’ll focus on this video seen in her presentation where Sam Brinton presented a “Talks at Google” titled “Ex-Gay Ministries”. I have to point out the video title is a religious topic, yet Brinton is invited to discuss conversion therapy bans against THERAPISTS and laws to do so. The LGBTQ lobby has ALWAYS conflated the two.

You’ll see in Susan’s presentation she is using screen shots from this video. You can watch it here:

Google is using the Trevor Project as a source of authority to ‘fact check’ The Ruth Institute’s video, The Ruth Institute’s video is questioning the truthfulness of The Trevor Projects former spokesperson on the very topic!

This analysis provided by Susan Constantine destroys Sam Brinton’s narrative, one which the Trevor Project used to move ‘conversion therapy bans’ throughout the world. The 50 bills 50 States project headed up by Brinton relied on his ‘expert’ testimony. Yet more discussion around how seriously flawed his narrative is. It’s interesting he is no longer actively working in this space but has moved onto working in the corporate world now.

Be sure to check out this clip from the Q&A section of the Talks at Google where Sam admits the conversion therapy bans are a proxy to get at pastors and ministries.