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Advisory Board

P4-38cdeChristopher Doyle, MA, LCPC
Co-Founder and President, Voice of the Voiceless

Christopher Doyle, MA, LCPC, Psychotherapist, Educator, and Author is the Co-Founder and President of Voice of the Voiceless. He is also the Director of the International Healing Foundation, a non-profit organization that since 1990, has helped thousands of individuals and families struggling with sexual orientation.

As a licensed clinical professional counselor and spokesperson for sexual health, Christopher has been a guest on The Dr. Oz. Show, National Public Radio, Fox News Radio, CBS, ABC, NBCChristian Broadcasting Network, American Family Radio, Salem Radio, XM Satellite Radio, Mancow Muller, French Television’s ’66 Minutes,’ and many more. His work has been featured in USA Today, Associated Press, NBC News, AOL, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Huffington Post, The Washington Examiner, World Magazine, National Catholic Registry, Charisma, Washington City Paper, Washington Blade, New Jersey Star Ledger, LifeSiteNews, WorldNetDaily, and many more.

As a published author and expert in adolescent sexual health, Mr. Doyle has spoken to international audiences, including the National HIV Prevention Conference, National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality Convention, the International Abstinence Leaders Conference. He also speaks regularly to churches and faith-based audiences across the country. His writing can be seen in periodicals such as the Journal of Human Sexuality, and he has written articles for Townhall, WorldNetDaily, and The Christian Post. He is the director and author of Acception: Bullying Solutions and Prevention Health Education Curriculum (and film), Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut (the Institute for Youth Development) and Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut – Africa (Children’s AIDS Fund). He is also a former Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Adolescent and Family Health. Residing in the Washington, DC area, Christopher is a husband to his beautiful wife Sherry and father of three children; Andrew, Ariana, and Aaron.

DL Foster PhotosRev. Darryl L (DL) Foster
Co-Founder and Vice President, Voice of the Voiceless

Rev. Darryl L (DL) Foster is an ordained minister, husband, father and self-described abolitionist pastor. In 1990, he left homosexuality to follow Christ and subsequently  founded Witness Ministries, a prominent Christian outreach focused on helping people of color gain their freedom. In 2012, he also founded and organized the Overcomers Network, an Atlanta based EXGLBT empowerment organization with chapters in 12 US cities.

A ten year US Army combat veteran, DL is also author of the groundbreaking book “Touching A Dead Man: One man’s explosive story of deliverance from homosexuality”. Published in 2002, the book inspired scores of other African American ex-homosexuals to publicly witness their own transformation.

He has been a featured guest on shows on TV ONE, 700 Club Newswatch and Faith Under Fire. He’s  been quoted, cited and interviewed in Newsweek, Charisma, WorldNetDaily, AOL Black Voices, ABC News, Jewish World Review and more. He studied mass communications and theology at McClennan College and Liberty University, respectively.

DL has been blissfully married to Dee, the love of his life for the past 21 years, and is the father of five incredible children.

NathanDressBluesNathan Ruark

Secretary, Voice of the Voiceless

Nathan Ruark resides in Grand Rapids, MI. He carries the rank of Specialist in the Michigan Army National Guard where he works as a radar repairer. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University. He has volunteered with Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) programs for the previous 10 years and publicly advocated for SOCE rights for the past 4 years.

His career goals include obtaining a Masters in Social Work, becoming a licensed counselor, and specializing in addiction and/or grief counseling.

IMG-20130703-WA0003Carol Aoun
Treasurer, Voice of the Voiceless

Carol Aoun is Foundress and President of “Mary Help of Mothers,” a Lebanese pro-life non-profit organization that was founded in 2009. As the only pro-life organization of its kind in the Arab world, Carol has been counseling women, facilitating retreats, and helping post-abortion women and their families recover and heal wounds. She also spreads awareness by actively working within the media to educate the public in television documentaries. “Mary Help of Mothers” makes sure that women in Lebanon do not remain ignorant about abortion alternatives (and its dangers) and has been empowering single mothers by providing financial, legal, social, and medical assistance free of charge.

Carol is also Foundress and President of “Lady of the Roses,” a non-profit organization for support, awareness, orientation, healing, conversion, and change forpeople struggling with same-sex attraction. Though not officially started in Beirut until Summer 2013, “Lady of the Roses” had been supporting individuals who experience SSA for seven years and has been spreading awareness about the possibility of change and complete recovery from SSA.

Born in Beirut at the start of the Lebanese war, Carol had been socially active during this hard time to provide all possible assistance to as many people from her war-torn country. She has a B.A. in Business Administration and A.A. in Computer Science both with Honors Degrees from Loma Linda University and La Sierra University in California, USA. Her hobbies are reading, hiking, cinema, internet and traveling. Her favorite quotes are: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” and “My soul glorifies the Lord.”

Headshot of Gisele RoyGisele Roy, M.A.

Gisele Roy is a parent of a son in his twenties who has battled SSA for 13 years. She has struggled with the emotional pain of seeing her son experience rejection from his peers, loneliness, and deep depression. Although she was a devout Catholic at the time, she abandoned her trust in God and gave in to her then (almost uncommunicative) son’s request to “see” a high school friend whom she knew was homosexual.

Seeing how unhappy her son continued to be, she confided in her very devout, Catholic mother and a close Christian friend. They both told her to pray and that they would also pray for her son’s return to his faith. At the time, no one, including clergy, seemed to give Gisele any hope that her son could be authentically reoriented to his innate sexuality.

When her son turned 16, he had a true conversion experience. She and her mother watched in awe as her son threw out all of his homosexual magazines that he had hidden under the mattress of his bed. He also began to be interested in learning more about Jesus and following Him more closely. At about the same time, Gisele also happened to walk into a Catholic bookstore where the clerk told her about the author Father John Garvey who had started the Catholic support program COURAGE. Father Garvey referred Gisele to a psychologist who began working with her son. Finding out the causes of SSA allowed her son to discover the means to a solution. He also began to attend COURAGE meetings.

It is Gisele’s hope that she, her husband and her son will continue to work on healing the deep-seated pain and emotional causes of his SSA and that her son will be able to find a wife who will complement him in every way.

bio picture-2Charles Peters

Charles Peters, originally from Arizona, holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the United States Air Force Academy and is the Clinical Director of the Sexual Orientation Change Institute in Beverly Hills, California ( As a child, the molestation by his adult gay Boy Scout master was one of the main impetuses of his same gender attractions. As both an ex-gay and an Eagle Scout, Charles is excited to join the advisory board of Voice of the Voiceless to offer his strength, experience, and hope to those seeking freedom from the sexualization of their same gender attractions. Over the past twenty years, Charles has both received therapy to overcome unwanted same-gender attractions and learned from many of the organizations that offer this therapy, helping him form the Sexual Orientation Change Institute. During this time, effective counseling/reparative therapy has yielded life-fulfilling results.

Without the help of organizations like the International Healing Foundation, Marked Men for Christ, and Journey Into Manhood, Charles says he would have committed suicide. Charles finds it ironic that gay activist groups will celebrate and hold pride parades for people who chose to undergo years of hormone therapy and countless medical procedures to change from a man to a woman, yet someone like him who chooses to change his sexual orientation is disenfranchised, thrown under the bus, and denied equal discrimination protection under the law. He is excited that Voice of the Voiceless will give him an avenue to fight against such bigotry and discrimination.

DSC_2185Robert Gollwitzer

Robert Gollwitzer lives and work in Munich, Germany. Mr. Gollwitzer spent many years in the local gay scene which involved many sexual relationships and experiences with men. In 2004, after having hit rock bottom, he happened to find out about “ex-gay ministries” – something that was completely foreign to him. He enrolled in an online program for Homosexuals Anonymous, and since that time, experienced a spiritual awakening that had ramifications for his entire life. Shortly after, he founded Jason, an international Christian ex-gay ministry affiliated with Homosexuals Anonymous and  started serving with Homosexuals Anonymous while completing a theological program and professional training to become a licensed Christian counselor. Robert believes: “If the Lord can pull me out of the mud and touch other people’s lives and hearts through me, He certainly can do the same for you as well!”


John_OzanichJohn Ozanich, CCDP, CCNP, MCP

 John Ozanich is a former United States Marine Corps Anti-Terrorism Strike Team member with a seminary doctorate in Biblical Egyptology. John authors articles on religious history, constitutional issues, science, and religion.He has been awarded the IBM Authorship Award.He is a licensed and ordained minister with the United New Testament Church.He is an award winning professional computer network design architect and I/T project manager who has worked for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.He also is a student of eastern philosophies and a lifelong martial artist holding a 3rd Degree Black Belt awarded by the World Kyokushin Kobudo Organization and the World Full Contact Organization.


Robin Goodspeed Robin Goodspeed

Robin has a Bachelor’s Degree of General Studies in Psychology and spent 30 years working in corporate human resources and project management in various US businesses while living as an out, active, atheist lesbian, most recently in Portland, Oregon. She is an ex-lesbian and currently resides in Cheyenne, WY.

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