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Sign the Petition and Join Maryland Families Against HB 91

February 16, 2014

Join Maryland Families and Tell the House of Delegates to Vote “No” for HB 91 HB 91 would prohibit a licensed mental health practitioner in… Read More

Unreleased Xq28 Gene Study Repeats Unproven Theory

February 14, 2014

                           New Genetic Study Repeats Old Unproven Theory We want to jump on this new junk science article right away because we’ve been down the… Read More

Taking The Liberal Shilling: How The UK Association of Christian Counsellors Abandoned Counselling’s Core Principle and Biblical Truth

February 5, 2014

At the start of this year the UK’s Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) sent out a statement declaring that they do not support any form… Read More

Virginia Assembly Puts Client and Parent Rights Over Politics By Rejecting HB 1135

February 4, 2014

     Voice of the Voiceless Urges Maryland Delegates to Reject Politically Motivated HB 91 Today, Voice of the Voiceless applauded the Virginia General Assembly for… Read More

Join Our Coalition and Help us Fight Anti-Ex-Gay Extremism

January 22, 2014

Emboldened by recent victories in California and New Jersey, anti-ex-gay extremists are out to take away the rights of every parent and minor they can… Read More

Are Anti-Gay Laws Created Because of Anti-Gay Countries?

January 22, 2014

Last week I was interviewed by The Christian Post about Nigeria’s recently enacted law that prohibits same-sex marriage.   According to the Christian Post:  … Read More

Holyfield comments test GLAAD’s tolerance meter

January 15, 2014

Yet again, gay activists have pointed a wagging judgmental finger, telling us one thing but doing another. Recently, there have been two reality TV stars… Read More

Lesbian Feminist Camille Paglia: “Sexual Orientation is Fluid and Can Change”

January 14, 2014

Lesbian feminist and university professor Camille Paglia was recently a guest on the Dennis Prager show. I have included a brief discourse of one of… Read More

Homofacism Strikes Again . . . Duck Dynasty Style

December 19, 2013

I freely admit, I have never watched a single episode of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Quite honestly, there is nothing about the show that appeals to… Read More