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Demand Delegate Cardin Release Public Documents to Protect Maryland’s Children

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Duck Dynasty Petition

A&E has gone too far! Phil Robertson has the right to share his views on homosexuality without losing his job. Reinstate Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty or we will boycott A&E. Read more…

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Courage Petition

Cardinal Spellman High School, a Catholic school in Bronx, NY, announced on Monday night that an address by retired priest Fr. Donald G. Timone from the New York Archdiocese on the issue of same-sex attraction, set for Tuesday, had been postponed.

Fr. Donald G. Timone has been involved with Courage − a 33 year-old Catholic support group that encourages men and women with same-sex attractions to remain celibate − for many years. But gay activists don’t like the Catholic church’s position on homosexuality, so they began doing what they do best . . . bullying the school’s principal and administration for daring to host a priest that has stayed true to the church’s position on sexuality!

Tell Cardinal Spellman High School, Fr. Trevor Nicholls, and the Board of Trustees to stand strong against the bullying from these gay activists and that respected priests such Fr. Timone, not drag queens like Coco Peru, should be educating the parents of Catholic children on homosexuality.

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Demand that Mayor Vincent Gray and the Washington, D.C. Commission on Arts and Humanities Apologize For Discriminating Against Grammy-Award Winning Gospel Singer and Ex-Gay Donnie McClurkin

Gospel Singer, Donnie McClurkin, was scheduled to headline a concert on August 10 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. As an African-American and Grammy Award winning singer, it would seem very appropriate for McClurkin to sing at the celebration. The problem for McClurkin: He is an ex-gay.

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Demand Equal Protection Under the Law for Former Homosexuals

“For too long gay activists have silenced us, marginalized our voices, and cut us out of the conversation. While they preach tolerance for gays, they routinely practice discrimination towards former homosexuals like myself who have taken a different path,” commented Dr. McIntyre, a former homosexual and Co-Founder of the oldest and longest running ministry that helps individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction leave homosexuality, Homosexuals Anonymous. In response to anti-ex-gay extremism and bullying from gay activists who say only one viewpoint on homosexuality can be tolerated, Dr. McIntyre is calling all former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families, friends, and allies to join him as he lobbies Congress on July 31 to demand tolerance and protection from the threats and harassment that is being waged against former homosexuals.

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Tell Facebook to STOP censoring Pro-Family and Conservative Messages

Dear Facebook,

Your latest attempt to censor Kirk Cameron’s movie “Unstoppable” is another example of your bias and discrimination towards conservative and pro-family messages. Last Thursday night, Cameron posted on his Facebook page: “Calling all friends of Faith, Family, and Freedom! Facebook has officially ‘blocked’ me and you (and everyone else) from posting any link to my new movie at UnstoppableTheMovieDOTcom, labeling the content as ‘abusive,’ ‘unsafe,’ and ‘spammy!’ I can’t even write the real link here, or Facebook would block this post too!!”

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Lisa Ling “Our America” Petition

For three consecutive years, you have produced exclusive documentary shows via “Our America” on the work of Exodus International, their affiliated ministries, counselors, and participants of their programs. While we applaud your willingness to take on such a controversial and complex subject as homosexuality and faith, you have consistently combined the work of Exodus International with professional psychotherapists and psychologists who offer Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) therapy. While counselors and ministries under the Exodus network provide spiritual guidance and have, in the past, used interventions to help individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions pursue heterosexuality, many, if not the majority of these counselors, are not trained professionals in the field of psychology.

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SPLC Petition

A Petition to Demand that the Southern Poverty Law Center and Sam Wolfe Publicly Apologize to the Ex-Gay and Faith-Based Community for their Hate, Victimization, Intolerance, and Discriminatory Conduct

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Dr. Phil Petition

A Petition to Demand that Dr. Phil Publicly Apologize to the Ex-Gay and Faith-Based Community for his Intolerance Towards Traditional Biblical Views of Homosexual Behavior

On April 1, 2013 Dr. Phil aired a show titled: “Shocking Mom Revelations.” As a part of this episode, Dr. Phil interviewed a mother whose daughter identified as a lesbian. During the episode, the mother shared about her disapproval of her daughter’s “lifestyle choice” and expressed a desire for her daughter to get help. While we do not condone this mother’s belief that homosexuality is simply a “choice” per se, science has recognized, through 100 years of peer-reviewed research, that homosexuality is in fact fluid for some individuals.

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CBS Petition

A Petition To Demand that CBS Apologize for Defaming Former Homosexuals, Persons with Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions, Their Families and Counselors, and the Judeo-Christian Community

February 20, 2013 an episode titled: “Broken” went too too far! In the episode, persons with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) were portrayed as repressed, violent killers. Their parents were portrayed as abusive, homophobic bigots. Their counselors were portrayed as ideological extremists who resort to torture in order to turn them from gay to straight. Simply put, CBS producers actions were outrageous, irresponsible, and offensive!

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Legislative Petition

Petition to Support the Human Right of Self-Determination for Individuals with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) to Receive Counseling and Psychological Treatment

We need to act now. In 2012, efforts on the state and national level have been made to take away the rights of minors (under the age of eighteen) who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, their families, and the counselors who help them, to receive therapy and psychological support to change and/or diminish their unwanted same-sex attraction, also known as Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).

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